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Hydraulic fittings development promotes advances in hydraulic technology

Time:2018-04-27 14:40:53 Source:Hebei Huilong Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

In recent years, China has greatly improved its domestic hydraulic technology, and it is no longer just the overseas processing that does not use hydraulic technology. The hydraulic oil valve actuators and other equipment used in the work to accomplish the task may be the oil used to control the operating pressure. The establishment of hydraulic power is added. The five parts of the entire hydraulic system, namely the power components, actuators, control components, and (s) auxiliary components, are made of hydraulic oil. The system is designed for use in hydraulic systems, which is reasonable, system composition, integrated pollution prevention and treatment, and finally the advantages of system performance are particularly important.
Hydraulic transmission (high pressure filter, suction filter, suction filter) technology to meet a variety of wrought iron and formation pressure can be used for pressure processing equipment. For example, ferrous metals, plastics and rubber products suppress nine trillion castings and forging. Hydraulic presses, hydraulic presses are the first application of the transmission, the main operating form of pressure in the processing machinery hydraulic drive. Heavy machinery manufacturing, aerospace, plastics, non-ferrous metal processing industries are the main units of hydraulic machines.
The basic hydraulic system, the conversion of the hydraulic system (high pressure filter, suction filter, suction filter), the flow depends on high power. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the leadership to improve shock and vibration, pressure relief efficiency, and to ensure safety and reliability.
In the process of relieving the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder to push the process to stop, the speed of the main task at (any position) is the waiting time to adapt to the pressing can be done quickly. The release of each cylinder, the upper end of the workpiece will be mainly used to prevent this operation. Because of the tight leaves, it is also the pressure of the cylinder, stopping and returning, and other activities to increase the call limit. Sometimes, in order to prevent the cylinder around the wrinkles from compressing the blank space, it is necessary to use it. The main law enforcement hydraulic (cylinder), high pressure filter, suction filter, suction filter, hydraulic machine and series for the basic specifications of the main output movement (tonnage) for maximum output pressure.

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