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What are the requirements for hydraulic filters in hydraulic fittings?

Time:2018-04-27 14:35:52 Source:Hebei Huilong Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

The hydraulic filters in hydraulic fittings are very much used in high pressure filters, oil suction filters, oil return filters, etc. There are about 6 points in use:
1. Reasonable determination of filter efficiency at all levels The key points for determining filter efficiency are: performance requirements of the final filter, efficiency specifications of the pre-filter should be reasonable, and maintenance of the primary filter and the precision filter should be convenient.
2.Hydraulic filter increases the filter area The filter has a large filter area, can accommodate more dust, and has a long life. Moreover, the filter area is large, the velocity of the airflow through the material is low, and the resistance of the filter is small.
3. Hydraulic filter to adjust the filter efficiency of each level The filter efficiency of the pre-filter is low. By adjusting the filtration efficiency of the pre-filter, the dust is blocked in the pre-filter.
4. Hydraulic filters should not emphasize the additional effect of the filter.
5.Climatic factors affect the filtration effect If there are many willow trees in the filter, the corresponding measures should be taken when designing the air conditioner, such as changing the height of the air inlet or adding the net at the air inlet. If the measures are not right, then there is only one trick left: the filter is changed frequently during the season of the flotation.
6. Hydraulic filter cleaning technology is difficult to promote high-efficiency filters. The use of the filter is very particular. Even if the filter is not damaged, it is best not to wash it unless it is thoroughly cleaned and the performance does not change after cleaning.
The bag filter structure medium efficiency filter which is currently used most is glass fiber and PP filter material. Due to the indiscriminate number of manufacturers of coarse and medium efficiency filters in China, the materials and structures used are also diverse. Most of the mainstream production plants and foreign plants use glass fiber filter materials and some chemical fiber filter materials. The chemical fiber is low in price and resistance. Small advantages occupy more and more large markets, and as the process of social development continues to push the filter products are constantly moving toward refinement.

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