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Fuel tank return filter can reduce cleaning workload

Time:2018-04-27 14:38:47 Source:Hebei Huilong Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

The fuel tank return filter comprises a casing, a connecting cover, a sealing ring and a filter element assembly, wherein a check valve assembly is arranged between the upper cover of the paper core and the connecting cover, and the one-way valve assembly comprises a valve seat, a valve core and a compression spring The valve seat is stamped by a steel sheet, and a counterbore cavity having a bottom oil discharge hole is formed in the middle of the valve seat, and the valve seat edge forms a spring piece extending obliquely outward, and the counterbore cavity is loaded from the inner hole of the upper cover of the paper core. The sinking cavity is directly opposite to the center port of the connecting cover, and the valve core and the compression spring of the product are disposed in the counterbore cavity. Under the action of the compression spring, the spool is sealed from the bottom of the counterbore cavity, and the paper core is sealed. A sealing ring is arranged between the lower cover and the bottom of the outer casing, and an oil outlet is arranged at the bottom of the outer casing. The filter of this product is set in the fuel tank to filter the oil return of the oil return line of the fuel tank, so that the oil in the oil tank is kept clean, the service life of the oil filter screen of the fuel tank is improved, and the cleaning workload is reduced.
The oil return filter comprises a casing, wherein the casing is provided with a passage for oil circulation, and a filter core is arranged in the passage, one end of the casing is connected with the oil return pipe, the other end is extended into the oil tank, and the casing extends into one end of the oil tank. The return valve is provided with a diffuser fixed to the end surface of the casing, a fixing member is arranged between the diffuser and the check valve, a skirt is arranged on the outer circumference of the check valve, and a skirt is arranged on the inner peripheral surface of the casing. The folded edge is provided with a stamping deformation point along the outer peripheral surface between the folded edge and the casing.

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