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Oil filter maintenance method

Time:2018-04-27 14:29:23 Source:Hebei Huilong Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Oil filter maintenance method
The quality of the oil filter determines the price of the oil filter, so it is important to pay attention to it when using it. The machine mainly uses mechanical filtration and reduces the density of the filter step by step to improve the filtration precision. It can be seen that during the working process of the equipment, the first-stage filtration is easily blocked by impurities, and at this time, the oil entering is less than the oil.
Remove the first stage filter upper cover, take out the filter, and clean it with kerosene or the same type of cleaning oil to restore the work.
1. Check if the oil pump and the connecting shaft are concentric;
2. Whether the fastening screw is loose or falling off. All of the above phenomena need to be restored to eliminate.
It is strictly forbidden to avoid missing the motor.
It is forbidden to use the oil filter when the power reversing switch cover is detached. Otherwise, electric shock accidents may occur, causing casualties.
Reverse reversal is strictly prohibited:
1. The reversal will result in the reversal of the original suction and discharge port, which will cause the pollutants in the original first-stage filter to be discharged into the fuel tank or other refueling containers and cause pollution.
2. After the rollover, the original third-stage filter will become the first-stage filter, so that the filter element will be easily blocked and cause no oil absorption.
3. Repeated reversal will also aggravate the damage of the skeleton oil seal in the oil pump, causing the oil pump to leak oil.
Any product needs to be inspected and maintained regularly during use, so that it can serve us better and longer.

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