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Use different filter cartridges

Time:2018-04-27 14:42:02 Source:Hebei Huilong Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Everyone knows: the filter has different classifications of water filter, air filter, oil filter and so on. The water filter alone is divided into a winding type, a folding type, a melting type, and a high-efficiency activated carbon filter, which have different characteristics and uses.
1. Winding type material structure: polypropylene felt or non-woven fabric, polypropylene yarn, cotton wool, thread, glass fiber are wound on the polypropylene skeleton or stainless steel skeleton to form a deep filtering structure, and the winding process is controlled to make filter elements with different precisions.
Performance characteristics: It can effectively remove suspended solids, particles, etc. in liquid; It can withstand high filtration pressure difference; It has high filter load capacity; It has good compatibility; It has unique deep filtration effect.
Uses: This product is used in electroplating solution, electrolytic paint circulating fine filtration, pharmaceutical, petroleum, liquid chemicals, paint filtration and purification, food and beverage filtration, pure water preparation and sewage treatment.
2, folding type, polypropylene folding barrel filter for deep filtration, used to meet the high flow, low pressure difference to filter impurities of various sizes of particles, good chemical compatibility, long life, all components are made of polypropylene material.
The filter drum contains a folded polypropylene filter media with a nominal filtration range from 0.1 micron to 10 micron and is available in a variety of standard sizes.
Its characteristics: wide chemical compatibility; heat welding, thus avoiding emissions of products; graded filter media, long service life, large flow; wide range of filtration accuracy; all components through the United States Pharmacopoeia biosafety class VI plastic test standard.
In the electronics industry, reverse osmosis water systems and filters, deionized water systems and filtration, chemical filtration, photoresist filtration, electroplating fluid filtration, magnetic desorption filtration and process fluid purification filtration.
Pharmaceutical industry: filtration of pharmaceutical, biological and lipid products
Chemical industry: organic solvent, ink filtration
Beverage industry: beverage and syrup filtration
Electroplating industry: fine filtration of electrolyte
3, melting characteristics: high filtration accuracy and filtration efficiency, the filter core is dense and uniform; the filter resistance is small, the flow rate is large, the filter core is large, and the service life is long.
Uses: Widely used in the filtration of pure water manufacturing pretreatment, domestic drinking water, circulating cooling water, laboratory water, boiler water, oil field water injection, food and beverage, chemical, brewing, pharmaceutical, electroplating, printing, paint, petroleum, electronics, etc.
Specifications: 1, the inner and outer diameter of the filter element ¢ 30 × 65mm; 2, the length of the filter element (mm): 250, 500, 750, 1000; 3: the accuracy of the filter element (micron): 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 70,100
4, high-efficiency activated carbon filter features: collection adsorption, interception, catalytic action in one; acid, alkali, salt and a variety of different organic solvents; electrostatic is extremely small. Choose the right water filter cartridge for these different characteristics and uses!

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