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How to distinguish the hydraulic filter is good or bad

Time:2018-04-27 14:24:44 Source:Hebei Huilong Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Want to distinguish the quality of the hydraulic filter filter, let Hebei Huilong hydraulic machinery explain it, first of all to see if it can fit the national standard, the standard filter is qualified.
Secondly, according to the flow characteristics of the hydraulic oil filter, the flow rate and pressure drop of the filter through the oil are important parameters of the flow characteristics. The flow characteristic test should be stopped according to the ISO3968-91 specification to draw the flow-pressure drop characteristic curve. Under oil pressure, the total pressure drop should be below 0.2 MPa.
Third: the filter material used in the inferior filter element of the hydraulic filter is of inferior quality, the filtering effect is very poor, resulting in poor media cleanliness level, which damages the service life of the component being repaired, and may cause damage to the central part of the system in severe cases; the inferior filter element is Skeleton end cover and other pressure-bearing original materials, cut corners, filter
The service life is greatly shortened, and the user's operating cost is increased; the inferior filter element is shoddy in the manufacturing process, the product is not beautiful, the service life of the filter element is lowered, the filter material is easily damaged, and the filter element is not filtered.
Fourth: The quality of the filter element can also be judged during work. The hydraulic filter oil filter will circulate and produce bubbles in the fuel tank. If there are more bubbles, it may enter the hydraulic pipeline with the oil. There are too many bubbles in the pipeline. The pressure of the hydraulic pump is unstable, which will affect the accuracy of the product.

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