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Hydraulic filters can cause failures

Time:2018-04-27 14:22:51 Source:Hebei Huilong Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

A hydraulic filter is the cause of the problem, 75% of the hydraulic oil is about 75% to 95% impurities. Introspection has the following hydraulic oils: clean hydraulic oil, color, viscosity and divergence, and smell. From low-pressure, but not mechanical tasks, as well as high-pressure filter hydraulic fluids that generate heat flow from hydraulic bits and pieces. The temperature of the hydraulic oil is very high, and the following degraded and failed oxidation of the membrane can cause corrosion and accumulation of deposits, as well as valve trough and deceleration depreciation quality, temperature rise causes the valve, pump stuck, and will lead to safety results Warming up.
The hydraulic filter is introspective, the oil depot sometimes even has serious damage that has been done, and can be restrained by the hydraulic system. In a large number of pieces, as well as the safety valve, is a secondary source of heat, and incuring a small amount of heat through the valve is another important reason. And the performance is not good, get energy.
Therefore, to reflect the task temperature, you can see that both inefficient results and hydraulic system, oil purification control is a secondary task, the secondary source of purification in the following aspects: new oil; in piecemeal The disassembly process; the entry of ambient air; the external components of the return filter and the corrosive hydraulic power; the entry through the leak or damage; the high pressure filter was proposed before the change.
Hydraulic filter purification monitoring must be used to remove the high pressure filter with good candidate hydraulic system, high pressure filter device status is also necessary, but if it is not in good shape and content, timely, and can not promote It costs a lot of money. Therefore, the following tasks should be done: establish a maintenance plan and strict implementation of the elimination; reflect the filter to change the bottom of the piece, detect the signs of problems and potential achievements; do not leak any oil in the piecemeal quickly. This will ensure that the hydraulic filter is better for normal tasks.


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